Code of Conduct

We are a group of like-minded people running for a common purpose:  Fun, enjoyment and support in an inclusive environment. We expect everyone to follow the below code of conduct if they wish to remain a member of the club.

We have a collective responsibility to help each other

  • Together for safety, inspiration, routine and friendship.

We are a running club rather than a ‘learn to run club’

  • Basic level – 10 minute mile pace (6 mph).

Be mindful of others

  • Not too fast & not too slow, different strokes for different folks.

Remember your running etiquette

  • Overtaking giving plenty room, not leaving others behind and looping.
  • Respecting others from different running clubs during races.

Support the session leader

  • We don’t get lost, we simply discover new routes!
  • If you see the group getting stretched then instigate a loop, as the session leader will be concerned with the route.