Latest Guidance from England Athletics about training during the pandemic

GOOD NEWS – updated guidance re COVID and running

We are now able to have:

  • Unlimited runners at our social runs.
  • 13 runners (12 + a coach) at interval sessions.

However, there are certain conditions:

  • The Club must have undertaken certain steps – we have ✅
  • All runners must comply with rules regarding COVID-19 including appropriate hygiene, isolation (if required) and social distancing.
  • While running, we must continue to comply with the 2m social distancing rule.
  • Because of the need for social distancing (from other members of the public), we still feel that the Leisure Centre is not suitable as a meeting place. Therefore, we will continue to meet at the playing field next to Teardrop Lakes on Mondays and Wednesdays; however, we may change this at a later date.

It is important that Club members acknowledge that, while we cannot remove the risks associated with COVID-19, we are able to manage the risks based upon the current government and England Athletics guidelines and advice. 

The full England Athletics guidance can be found by following this link –

We will continue to update information on this page as the government releases any new changes.


Key Objectives:

  • Follow guidelines
  • All members to be safe and feel safe
  • Any members of the public we meet while on group runs are in no doubt that we are following Government guidelines on group activity and social distancing.

You must not attend a session if you have symptoms of any disease, illness or public health issue covered by government restrictions (for example COVID-19). By participating in any session, you are self-certifying that you:

  • are fit to run
  • are free of symptoms
  • have not tested positive in the previous 2 weeks
  • are not required to be shielding
  • are not in a required period of isolation

 Please remember to send in your updated disclaimer form

 We will be forced to turn you away from a club session if we have not received your updated disclaimer form. There will be no exceptions.