Training Dates

Monday night is interval training. This lasts about an hour and includes a warm up and a cool down run with hard efforts in between.

Wednesday night sessions involve a 70-minute run covering approximately 10km. These sessions will be run at a relaxed pace on and off road, depending on the time of year and weather conditions.

Please note that the new meeting point for the foreseeable future will be the Shenley Wood car park on Merlewood Drive (updated 28/03/2021).


DateSession nameSession notesComments
03/01/2022600m Loops600m efforts, 3x sets increasing effortRedway - base
10/01/20223 x 4 x 90s4 x (90e 45r), 3 sets with 2m recovery between eachRedway - loop
17/01/2022Undulating LoopsClockwise + AnticlockwiseRedway - base
24/01/20222 x 4,3,2,1 Efforts2 x (4e 1r 3e 1r 2e 1r 1e 3r)Redway - loop
31/01/2022Time Trial4.5k city centre time trialMeet at car park on Bradwell Road, near Talbot Inn
07/02/2022Pyramid efforts 30e 30r, 1e 1r, 90e 90r, 2e 2r, 3e 3r, reverseRedway - loop
14/02/2022Out n Backs3 x (1e 30r 1e 2r, 2e 30r 2e 2r)Redway - base
21/02/20222 x 4 x 2.30 Efforts4 x (2.30e 45r), 3r, repeatRedway - loop
28/02/2022Loughton HillsMeet at car park near Loughton Baptist ChurchRedway - base
07/03/20221,2,1,2 Efforts8 x (1e 1r 2e 1r)Redway - loop
14/03/20228 x 3 Out n Backs (Reducing Recoveries) 8 x 3e
R = 120, 120, 105, 90, 90, 75, 60
Redway - base
21/03/20225 x 60, 45, 30wu, 5 x (60e 60r), 5 x (45e 60r), 5 x (30e 60r) cd Redway - loop
28/03/2022Shenley Wood LoopsOff-road hills, sprints, relaysRedway - base